The basis of the following writing was for a taped broadcast. It turned into an epistle. The fact that much of it was stated seven hours before Our Lady gave a prayer group message through Ivan, May 29, 2015, is the intriguing factor in regard to what A Friend of Medjugorje had said before the message. In the beginning days the visionaries of Medjugorje heard homilies where Our Lady, the next day, would say a similar message paralleling and confirming the message given in the homily by the priest. Much of what A Friend of Medjugorje said, before Ivan’s message from Our Lady, speaks clearly in reference to Our Lady’s message. The statements which follow are "new thoughts" for Medjugorje, and were published publicly on June 8, 2015.  Pray before entering into the following epistle to Our Lady's apostles by A Friend of Medjugorje.


By a Friend of Medjugorje

Addressing a recent organized day of dialogue and prayer with a group of evangelical pastors of Pentecostal orientation, Pope Francis said May 24, 2015:

“I wish to say something that may sound controversial, or even heretical, perhaps.”1

Francis went on to say, satan knows who Christians are. They are united as followers of Christ. The Pontiff said satan does not care whether these Christians are,

“Evangelicals, or Orthodox, Lutherans, Catholics or Apostolic…he doesn’t care! They are Christians. And that blood (of martyrdom) unites. Today, dear brothers we are living an ‘ecumenism of blood’…I am convinced it will not be theologians who bring about unity among us. [They can] help us…but if we hope that theologians will agree with one another, we will reach unity the day after Judgement Day. The Holy Spirit brings about unity...”

The following in some ways are new thoughts and it “may sound controversial, or even heretical perhaps”, but Truth is recognized by the heart that is open to God, whenever he reads or hears it.

Public revelation ended with the death of the last apostle. Today, private revelation is treated as inferior to public revelation, “Go to the back of the bus. You are not allowed here up in the front.” It is almost put into the context of race, “Well, because you're colored, you are a lower class.” We are not trying to say that private revelation is above public revelation, but there are profound Truths given through private revelation by God. He is coming to us through the visitation of Our Lady of Medjugorje. Why? Because private revelation heightens the importance of the Truth of public revelation. It invigorates it. Pope Benedict confirmed that as Cardinal Ratzinger.2

The Church didn't recognize the Truth of the Assumption as dogma until 1950. It was the same with the Truth of the Immaculate Conception which was made a dogma in 1854. There were many people who understood these as Truths, but the Church did not yet recognize them as infallible dogmatic truths. So why did it take approximately 1,850 years for the Immaculate Conception and 1,950 years for the Assumption before these were adopted as dogmas in the Church? There have only been two times in Church history where “ex cathedra,”* was declared. Those two times it was in regards to the Virgin Mary. Many think the Pope is infallible all the time, which is not the truth. Infallibly, the two times a Pope declared “ex cathedra,”  concerning the Virgin Mary, was the Assumption of Our Lady and the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady.

So the Church evolves in clarity of Truth over the years, as we receive understanding and enlightenment through time. With 34 years of growth in understanding Medjugorje, we can now say we understand Medjugorje to a greater degree. We can say, “Our Lady is here in a new way that has never been seen in the history of the Church and She is bringing us to a higher Truth.” What does that statement mean? It means we have evolved to a higher (fuller) understanding of Truth that is expressed through Her messages. Why is this necessary? Because we no longer understand how to get the Truth, derived through the Scriptures, applying it to the modern way we live because modernity challenges the Church with things that Scripture never "specifically" spoke of that are taking place in our time, nor was understood by those men that wrote public revelation of the Bible 2,000 years ago. Many of the shepherds do not understand that Our Lady’s purpose in coming is to give messages to help modern man understand Scripture applied to our present life. Because many shepherds do not understand Our Lady’s purpose, they do not accept Our Lady and Her messages.

Our Lady said May 29, 2015, during Ivan’s prayer group:

“… pray for my shepherds in the Church. Pray, dear children, that they may ‘accept me,’ that they may ‘accept’ my messages... that they be carriers of my messages in this tired world…”

So in regards to these Medjugorje private revelations, no one is to discount them. Don't put them in the back of the bus. Since the death of the last apostle, these private revelations of Our Lady from Medjugorje are the most important in the 2000-year history of the Church. These Medjugorje apparitions are different, distinctly different, from all Our Lady’s apparitions throughout history. Why? Because the Medjugorje apparitions are public revelation being fulfilled. They do not belong in the back of the bus as previously stated. I, too, (just as Pope Francis said) wish to say something that may sound controversial or, even heretical perhaps.3  However, it is not.

In many ways the private revelation of Medjugorje is more important to man today than the public revelation in Scripture, because modern man can no longer relate to Holy Scripture with his modern mentality. Medjugorje is private revelation that is leading us to a higher understanding of public revelation for man's elevation and his betterment, of which, public revelation cannot do, with today’s man.

Medjugorje is bigger than anyone on earth can understand at this moment. Even the Medjugorje visionaries cannot fully grasp the magnitude of what Our Lady will do.  But the Medjugorje visionaries do have some insight of its importance. Medjugorje visionary, Vicka, states,

“Medjugorje is of great importance because of the messages of Our Lady, because She is still here and because Her presence can be expected daily. Lourdes, Fatima and other places of apparitions are beautiful and it is wonderful to be there, but it is a different feeling when the Gospa is present and not a thing of the past. One cannot compare this with anything, one cannot describe in words the meaning of Medjugorje. For those, who come to Medjugorje, Medjugorje is holy ground.”4

Medjugorje is beyond Holy Ground. Medjugorje comes with the answer because the Church has lost its way, as Ireland’s amendment vote has just shown. The only way that we can come back to God, to His Son, is through the re-invigoration of public revelation by the private revelation of Our Lady of Medjugorje. This is the moment of Divine intervention directly from Heaven! Medjugorje is the finale of Our Lady’s apparitions, just as Christ was the finale, the fulfillment, after a long trail of prophets. All the prophets for centuries gave way to Christ’s coming in fulfillment of all that was foretold. Christ was the fulfillment. However, all prophets together do not equal Christ’s coming. All the Marian apparitions of past history come together for the purpose and in preparation for Medjugorje.

May, 1984

"Throughout the centuries, I have given myself completely to you..."

With each apparition She became more known and loved. Therefore, all the Marian apparitions of past history do not equal the singular event of the Medjugorje apparitions. All previous apparitions served for the purpose for this moment of Medjugorje upon the earth. This is the moment of – ‘The Woman’ of Revelation Chapter 12. It is now! Public revelation being fulfilled. The Queen of Peace apparitions are unmatched in their importance; more important than any other Marian apparitions in history. There is no equal. Marian apparitions, even if combined together, cannot equal Medjugorje. Again, what I am about to say (just as what Pope Francis said) may sound controversial, even heretical, perhaps. However, it is not.




That is Medjugorje. Naysayers in the Church do not get it because they are stuck in a limited capacity of understanding, confined by theology and a theological committee mindset. These mentalities are killing conversion for the multitudes through, “public revelation and its continuing sterile repetition," as Cardinal Ratzinger said. The mindset that “the Church does not necessarily need private revelation, because we do not need it for salvation,” has been right throughout the ages, but now cannot be applied. In this time of Medjugorje, the Holy Spirit is enlightening man of the world’s need of salvation, through Our Lady coming daily to the earth. Yet, the mindset, “We do not need it,” prevails over and is given more weight over Heaven’s own intentions for the world today.

For those who say, “it’s the church, it’s the church, the church, that we can only go by and we don’t need anything else,” then find 6 bishops or clergy that have produced in conversions, what these 6 visionaries of Medjugorje have done unrestricted in freedom by their testimony. Find 100 bishops, nay find 1,000 that have produced the conversions that the 6 visionaries have produced by God’s grace the past 34 years. This should shake one’s mentality that, indeed, something Divine is taking place.In reality, we must have Medjugorje’s private revelation for the threats facing us today and for salvation. Yes, Jesus is our salvation, but that acceptance of this Truth is rapidly passing from the world today, in which we frequently hear we are living in a post-Christian era. Our time in man’s history is different than in all human civilization. We need Medjugorje to save the world. Our Lady said, “I'm coming here to save the world.” The shepherds of the Church must ask themselves the questions that follow each of Our Lady’s messages below, in regards to whether they will reject or accept Our Lady and Her plan for the salvation of the world. Our Lady said, November 22, 1981 A.D.:

“…The world must find salvation while there is still time…”

The world must find salvation my beloved shepherds. And a good portion of you want to wait for approval?

February 25, 1988 A.D.

“…sacrifice your lives for the salvation of the world…”

As shepherds, how much will your hesitation, hindering, indifference, or rejection of Our Lady’s apparitions of Medjugorje and Her messages, cost you for what you could have done but did not want to? You will have to seriously repent for not doing so.  Our Lady said:

August 25, 2013

"...I do not desire for you, dear children, to have to repent for everything that you could have done but did not want to..."

Meanwhile, we who ‘accept’ Our Lady’s call as apostles are sacrificing our lives for the salvation of the world.

May 2, 2011 A.D.

“…God the Father is sending me to show you the way of salvation…”

As bishops who shepherd the flock, have you not seen what God Himself is showing you through Our Lady of Medjugorje? Our Lady said:

August 25, 2013

“…I do not desire for you, dear children, to have to repent for everything that you could have done but did not want to…”

Ivan said that had Our Lady of Medjugorje not come, the world would have destroyed itself— and we hear from many we are to discount these private revelations as not necessary? Why is it happening today that the private revelation of Medjugorje is the cause of millions of conversions, conversions that are not coming through public revelation today? Scripture, to be raised out of the confusion of ‘modernism,’ can only be resurrected by the private revelation given in the messages of Our Lady of Medjugorje.  In The Catechism Explained, it states:


"It is an error to suppose that Holy Scripture is the ONLY means intended by almighty God to communicate to the nations of the earth the truths of revelation."5

Cardinal Mueller, of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, has put out a statement on the Medjugorje apparitions, which puts restrictions on the voice of Our Lady. Our Lady’s words are the only clear direction we are getting in a time the Church desperately needs it. The Church has lost its way. The shepherds do not have a direction out of the mess the world is in. To stop or stymie people from going to Medjugorje meetings, gathering to listen to these visionaries who are talking to the Virgin Mary Herself, Wisdom Herself, who is giving us a way out of a situation that has no exit is to stop Our Lady, Herself. Those who fall in such category as to stymie the apostles Our Lady has been raising up for over 30 years, are in serious contradiction of what Heaven is mandating. We have, through Our Lady of Medjugorje, the way out for the world’s situation, as well as for the Church. The Medjugorje apostles will navigate the Church and the whole world out of the chaos to a springtime for the future. Yet, Our Lady says we cannot do it without the shepherds. This, therefore, places them in a position of grave liability.

Many shepherds, without realizing their actions, are in the way of God’s plan to convert the entire world, blocking God’s plans by discounting Our Lady’s messages and apparitions. These actions have already blocked conversions, because nowhere, nowhere do the Medjugorje visionaries go, or Our Lady’s apostles, where they leave without a bountiful harvest of conversion. Cardinals and bishops must be advised. It is better for you just to leave Medjugorje alone. Be Gamaliel if you can't believe in it. That's okay. “If it's from God, it will flourish, if it's not it will fall.” Every Medjugorje gathering blocked, every apparition of Our Lady silenced, stops conversion of souls, a portion of whom are on the track to hell. Their perdition is on your hands who stopped what could have taken place but was blocked instead. Heaven’s mandate and only plan to save the Church and the world is being given to us now and for the last time.

A shepherd’s position is dangerous if he considers Medjugorje like Pontius Pilate considered Christ, feigning he was not against the Christ, but who politically washed his hands as if he had nothing to do with killing the Heaven-sent Word of God 2,000 years ago. History repeats itself with the Heaven-sent plan of Our Lady of Medjugorje, which is resurrecting God’s Word. Is the directives of Cardinal Mueller, and the actions of other shepherds the same, washing their hands while then proceeding to kill Heaven’s word? Actually, the directives of Cardinal Mueller do not even block the gatherings or attendance of the apparitions, but the way it is written leaves the impression that no one can attend. The directive clearly states you can attend “if the credibility is not taken for granted.” So, why does the Church write an ambiguous statement that purposely causes confusion amongst the flock who have never wavered in their loyalty to the Church?

History shows, when Our Lady comes, it is always the bishops who fight against Her. What ‘is’ different this time is Our Lady has not placed Herself and the apparitions under the Catholic Church. She is here to enact a plan not in the future, but to daily guide apostles in the immediate present to change the future. We will continue, we, as Our Lady’s apostles will not be stopped. Yet, we are obedient to the Church. We are in union with the Church. Medjugorje is not a call for a schism. We will not participate in such evil. However, we will change the Church! This is an intervention of Heaven to raise a body of evangelizers to go out into the world, who are outside of a certain scope or reach of the Church, free from bureaucracy and unnecessary restrictions. There, in a freedom within this scope, we will still remain obedient to the Church. By our baptism we are commissioned to evangelize. And that we will do unceasingly, answering Her call. As a matter of conscience, we will not stop meeting, gathering, or promoting the messages of Our Lady. We will not stop listening to the Medjugorje visionaries or cease to gather to hear them or attend Our Lady’s apparitions. Yes, we will be obedient to a correct compliance to the Church’s directive of which we will state at every Medjugorje event:

“These apparitions have not been approved formally by the Church. The clergy and the faithful attending this event are in compliance with the Apostolic Nunciature of the United States of America, PN 3980, stating to you here in attendance, we are not taking it for granted that the Church has approved these apparitions, they have not done so.

The only way you, the shepherds, can stop us is if Medjugorje is condemned. It is not condemned. In regards to shepherds, you who have been given the power to call God down to the altar have not been given power over the Blessed Virgin Mary to descend from Heaven each day to the earth as She wishes. She does so for the purpose to be with and guide Her children, raising them to be apostles. Shepherds, you have not the authority to stymie or restrict Medjugorje outside of the Catholic Church and its property, unless condemned. If a Baptist, a Mormon or a Muslim invited a Medjugorje visionary to attend a gathering on private property or property they gather to worship in their faith, would you stop them? Bishops are bishops for all the people in their diocese, the bishop of every person, no matter their belief or unbelief— Catholics; Protestants; Jews; Muslims and on and on. Would you tell a Muslim, attending a mosque in your diocese where a Medjugorje visionary was invited, they cannot attend or gather? Would you tell Muslims who have a devotion to the Virgin Mary, who is mentioned in their Koran, that their meeting for an apparition with Ivan in your diocese must be cancelled because the Catholic Church has not approved the apparitions? Would you say to them, “I, as bishop, will not allow gatherings because the credibility of the apparitions may be taken for granted?” Thousands of Muslims showed up for Medjugorje visionary Vicka’s apparition in Israel in 2013. Would you tell Protestants, on private property, they cannot gather? No? Why not?  Why not do to them what is being done to Catholics? These edicts and directives are giving an impression that is being interpreted that Catholics cannot host conferences, prayer events, meetings or attend apparitions involving the Medjugorje visionaries. Are we misunderstanding these actions? Can it be responded otherwise that this is not the case? No, we are not misunderstanding these actions and this cannot be explained away as a misunderstanding. Why was an event involving Ivan and his apparitions cancelled in St. Louis, Missouri, on March 18, 2015, as well as other events in places in the United States, Italy and Spain with other Medjugorje visionaries?

In the same way, you would act with those outside the Catholic faith who attend Our Lady of Medjugorje’s apparitions, and there are many non-Catholics who do have devotion to Our Lady of Medjugorje, why would you not act with us the same, when we host, attend and/or promote events involving the apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje outside of Church grounds? Yes, we realize that we must make it perfectly clear we are not taking the credibility of the apparitions for granted at every event. Through the years, we know of no one who has hosted the Medjugorje visionaries “officially” connecting the apparitions to the Catholic Church or who inferred the Church’s consent or approval. There is no abuse of this. To write directives as if that is the case, is to insinuate and leave the impression of abuse. It makes one think that something suspicious is taking place behind the scenes.These apparitions are for the world and are to remain free – unless condemned. They are not to be reined in. If you want to restrict, choke, and shut them down, then you must condemn Medjugorje. Yes, you can stop Our Lady that way, but BE ADVISED: You are interfering with Heaven. BEWARE of what Heaven will do, since Our Lady is coming to the earth because…

…God the Father is repeatedly rejected, as the world heads towards Sodom.

…God's Son is repeatedly rejected, as the world heads towards Babylon.

…The Holy Spirit is repeatedly rejected in turning around the direction of the world, as the world degredates more into an abyss of sin.

Our Lady is coming, in the last apparitions on earth to lead the world back to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

On May 29, 2015, Our Lady said of the shepherds, to accept Her because many do not accept Her and Her messages:

“…today I desire to call you to pray for my shepherds in the Church. Pray, dear children, that they may accept me, that they may accept my messages, and that they live my messages…”

With a growing body of people rejecting the Three Persons in God, Ireland being the most recent example, the last hope that God could send to man, is a Creature made by His hand to draw the world out of the danger it is in. And you want to be in opposition by not accepting Her messages as Our Lady showed in the previously quoted message? Our Lady said on February 17, 1984:

“My children pray. The world has been drawn into a great whirlpool. It does not know what it is doing. It does not realize into what sin it is sinking.”

Our Lady of Medjugorje identifies what She is here for, when she states, “ I ”:

“…it [the world] needs your prayers so that “ I ” can pull it out of this danger.”

This is amazing! And to those restricting and ignoring Medjugorje, you want to scoff? Our Lady said on March 18, 2009:

“…Do not forget your shepherds. Pray that they may not get lost …”

You want to stop people from coming to the apparitions? You want to put out innuendos from your offices as bishops that you are not for it because it has not been approved? You want to tell us to just wait until it is approved? If we wait for Medjugorje to be approved before we propagate it, before we send the messages of Our Lady out, what would take place in the meantime?

“…it (the world) has been drawn into a great whirlpool…”

Our Lady is acting in real time, and many shepherds want us to be non-participants, to be silent in the most important event since Christ's resurrection and ascension and the descent of the Holy Spirit, until the Church approves the apparitions. Peter and John, after Jesus ascended, were told by the Sanhedrin not to mention Christ.  They were lashed, but upon their release they did it anyway. We will not be any different as Her call is to immediate action in the present to save the world. We, the faithful, proclaim Medjugorje is real to us--Sensus Fidelium--while respecting the Church's judgement.  It is clear that these last apparitions of the Holy Virgin Mary and Her messages of private revelation is the complete fulfillment for all that will ever be needed to draw man back to God. Our Lady said:

June 23, 1982

“These apparitions are the last in the world.”

The visionaries have confirmed that these are the last apparitions on the earth where they can see Her, talk to Her, and can touch Her, because “after this there will be no need for apparitions.”

Our Lady speaks clearly to us through Her messages by saying, “Today I call you…” which means do not not delay or wait to act until the Church approves. We are guided by Our Lady to move, to act, to propagate Medjugorje’s plan and to multiply our actions NOW, NOW, NOW. Not later, not even one day later. Medjugorje can only be approved if we propagate it, otherwise there is no reason to approve something that no one follows. This is not said seeking approval. Certainly it is satan’s strategy to damage and stop Medjugorje, and to align with any authority that can be used by him to kill Medjugorje, restrict or choke it down.  Our Lady is not to be handcuffed.  Our Lady's messages clearly show She needs freedom to enact a plan and that is why She appears on a mountain side and not in a church. Who is it that sends Our Lady, and who is it that denies Her descent to the earth every day?  This is a time of choosing the side of light or darkness and aligning oneself with your choice.

If Medjugorje is real, then this message of February 17, 1984 is real –

“…The world has been drawn into a great whirlpool. It does not know what it is doing. It does not realize into what sin it is sinking. It needs your prayers so that I can pull it out of this danger…”

What of you who are in authority of the clergy, who want us to sit on our hands, like many of the higher clergy are doing stymieing and stopping Medjugorje? For you who do so, remember history is recording what you are doing now and will show the truth of your actions, whether your actions were good to Our Lady or bad to Her.  On the other hand, Bishop Zanic, who presided, and Bishop Peric, who now presides over Medjugorje must not be judged as not doing God’s will. There are those of the clergy who are kept from recognizing the Truth so that God’s plans can be fulfilled. God sometimes allows adversity for a purpose. It is in God's design that Medjugorje is not to be approved, for the sake of the fulfillment of Our Lady's plans. If it was, a spider web of controls, restrictions and many other actions would kill the voice of Our Lady, Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s apparitions. Creating an outlet by Medjugorje being approved, also creates an inlet getting into Medjugorje.

An outlet flowing out from a great lake allows one to travel down the river, but it also allows an inlet back up the river to the lake. If the Church approves Medjugorje—it would draw more people to Medjugorje who, perhaps, were waiting for Church approval before they would go—so there would certainly be a greater “outlet” for Medjugorje flowing out through these pilgrims throughout the world. At the same time, Church approval will create an inlet of more restrictions, more caution, more regulations, more control, etc., over the apparitions, along with an inlet for the influence of enemies of Medjugorje who would harm it once they gain jurisdiction through approval. Do not think this would not happen. We are seeing this now with the restrictions being placed on the visionaries where they can’t speak. as was already mentioned with Ivan.  It is the devil’s goal to “silence” the visionaries. If that happens, Our Lady is silenced. They, the six Medjugorje visionaries, are the voice of Our Lady of Medjugorje. You restrict them, you restrict Our Lady. But what if the Medjugorje visionaries are allowed only to give out Our Lady’s messages and are restricted in everything else, as a cautionary act, as they are not schooled theologically? This question is raised as a ploy to choke and restrict the Medjugorje visionaries, thereby Our Lady and Her plans, by the devil.

August 25, 2014

“… Pray for my intentions, because satan wants to destroy my plan which I have here…”

It is a question posed similarly just as the Pharisees did to trick Jesus when He was asked if it was lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, and Jesus responded by asking them to bring a coin to Him. He asked, “Why put me to the test?...Whose likeness and inscription is this?” When they responded, “Caesar’s,” Jesus said, “Then give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and give to God the things that are God’s.”

What belongs within the things of God is the Virgin Mary of Medjugorje and Her plans. He has sent Her to speak to the world. Our Lady speaks to the world through the six Medjugorje visionaries. They speak to us about Our Lady, Her personality, Her motherhood, Her love, etc. The visionaries teach us how to love Her, how She cares for us, how we are to love God as a Father and Jesus as Her Son, how we are to work for Her, give our lives for Her and a thousand more things. I have personally seen Marija, many times, enter an apparition tired, overwhelmed by crosses she carries, weighed down by the sufferings of so many people who come seeking her intercession with Our Lady, but then just after the apparition, has a fire within her to witness the love of Our Lady.  She is compelled to speak in such a way that she can't keep it in.  Anyone who wants to silence what the visionaries are saying is helping to carry out a plan of regulation to muzzle Our Lady, which is the devil’s goal. It is a pretext to say “we must theologically frame what the visionaries are saying,” and the intent behind the pretext is to stop them, as darkness’ way to silence them. The devil hates what we have learned from the six visionaries about Our Lady, Her plans, and how to bring people to conversion, through our own conversion, and towards holiness.

But suppose the visionaries say something wrong? What have they said that is heretical in the past 34 years? How many have the visionaries turned away from conversion? Or what have they said that is against the Church? There is nothing to accuse the six Medjugorje visionaries of being out of line with the Church. The Medjugorje visionaries, therefore, cannot be restricted or regulated without violating Heaven’s mandate, nor restricted or regulated by the standards of the Church. One may object saying, “Padre Pio was silenced too. It was a test of his obedience and the visionaries should submit to the same, etc.” The six visionaries are not Padre Pio. They are not ordained priests that administer sacraments. There is no jurisdiction of authority like that over them which had the ability to silence Padre Pio. They are Catholics in good standing, commissioned by their baptism to evangelize. There is no authority, no jurisdiction to stop them from speaking. There is no authority on earth that has the right to silence them as long as they are not heretics and as long as Medjugorje is not condemned. They are not heretics. They are not condemned. Therefore, they are free to go anywhere, to speak anywhere, to have apparitions anywhere. If they are restricted from Catholic churches and its properties, then there are plenty of places that will accept Our Lady and Her voices, the six visionaries. They are free. It is God’s will that they remain so. Anyone who says otherwise does not understand Medjugorje, the Church and God’s plan. So what is gained by creating an outlet for Medjugorje, when an inlet for control will restrict the plans of Our Lady? It is better to wait for Our Lady’s plans to be fulfilled before approval is given, and it is God’s will and plan to do just that, so as to protect Medjugorje.

This is why God has prevented Medjugorje being approved or disapproved.6  What Cardinal Mueller’s directives are doing is different. It is a killing of the voice of Our Lady’s apparitions. Then what can the shepherds do to be in compliance with Heaven?  Do not approve Medjugorje.  Do not condemn Medjugorje.  Simply state, the apparitions are real but don't approve them,” and let Our Lady continue Her plans.  Is the response, "This cannot be done?"  

Yes it can be done.

How? The shepherds have all the scientific findings proving the visionaries are seeing something not of this world and "is" supernatural.  It is a fact that, the scientists who have studied the visionaries show that the apparitions are real.  Three specific conclusions show the Medjugorje visionaries are before something not of this world.7 Two decades of tests and experiments have shown:

1.  Six pairs of eyes converging to one spot in perfect timing; this is a human impossibility, possible only if they see something suddenly appear not of this world.

2.  Brain waves measured reflect a progressing state of awareness; a human impossibility to create, possible only if they are engaged with something before them.

3.  The larynx has vibration and airflow which causes sound; the visionaries lips continue to move, but no audible sound is detected by probes connected to their throats; this is a human impossibility, possible only with some force or power taking away the sound.

Some have concluded that a new statement on Medjugorje forthcoming will possibly echo the April 10, 1991 statement of the Yugoslavian Bishop's Conference, a portion of which follows:


"On the basis of the research that has been done, it is not possible to state that there were apparitions or supernatural revelations."

If a new statement has any such judgment the statement would have no credibility.  Why?  Because it is false to say that research does not show it is supernatural.  It is science that says that it is supernatural.  To argue against the findings would be an embarrassment for a commission when it has been proven beyond doubt scientifically. 


In 1633, members of the hierarchy of the Church were "led astray by excessive doctrinal caution, and condemned as formal heresy the then novel scientific teaching of Galileo that the sun is the center of the universe and immovable."8  Medjugorje has proven itself scientifically.  Medjugorje has proven itself by its fruits.  Yet, it suffers from excessive doctrinal caution.  The 1991 Yugoslavian Bishop's Conference, already quoted, was wrong when it stated:  "On the basis of the research that has been done, it is not possible to state that there were apparitions or supernatural revelations."  This statement is false, as science from the early 1980's had "research" proving it was an apparition and something not of this world. It can be said the visionaries are experiencing, factually, something real - to the same degree of realness that science can prove that the sun is the center of the solar system and immoveable - as Galileo proved.The most advanced scientific testing that took place from1983 through 2005, concluded that the apparitions are "absent of deceit." Professor Henri Joyeux was on the initial research team in 1984, as well as the other research teams over the years.  In 2005, after completing their latest testing of the visionaries, he said:

"After twenty years, our conclusion has not changed.  We were not wrong.  Our scientific conclusion is clear:  the Medjugorje events must be taken seriously."9

Over the course of 22 years, a whole panel of scientists using the most advanced instruments, the most advanced tests, have proven conclusively that the Medjugorje visionaries see something supernatural. “What” - they see is by their testimony.  Their testimony is backed by millions upon millions of conversions! The way out for you as a shepherd is for you to possess the thought, “Maybe I don’t believe this in my heart, I can’t accept it, but I dare not stand in Our Lady’s way.” You who are standing in the way of the private revelation that is resurrecting public revelation in the heart of man, woe to you and woe to those who are indifferent, washing their hands like Pilate and therefore allowing efforts to stymie Medjugorje. You will realize when it is too late that Our Lady delivered messages for the whole world in your lifetime and you ignored them or were indifferent to the grace lavished upon the earth in such a portion that could never be deserved.

August 25, 1997

“…God gives me this time as a gift to you, so that I may instruct and lead you on the path of salvation. Dear children, now you do not comprehend this grace, but soon a time will come when you will lament for these messages…”

The weight of lamentation, which God warns of through Our Lady, cannot be imagined in its reality of what it will be like when it visits you, “…soon a time will come when you will lament for these messages…”

With Guidance to Our Lady’s Apostles and Respectful Direction for the Shepherds,
Friend of Medjugorje


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2. “A Way in a New Time,” written in 2001, by A Friend of Medjugorje, cites the Church’s document issued June 27, 2000, part of which was on the theological status of revelations. Cardinal Ratzinger states, “We have thus moved from the somewhat negative clarifications, initially needed, to a positive definition of private revelation.”
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6. The two bishops’ resistance to Medjugorje is serving God’s purpose, serving the purpose of saving Medjugorje. Having spoken and met with Bishop Zanic long ago, a Friend of Medjugorje could easily see Bishop Zanic really was sincere in what he believed. To understand this more clearly, what follows is a brief listing of a few epistles by A Friend of Medjugorje (which can be downloaded from regarding Church approval and Medjugorje. Apostles vs. Apostles * Bishops’ Imprudent Prudence * 7 + 33 = 40 * Sensus Fidelium * Will You Be An Apostle? *Medjugorje: Ivan NOT Banned from Apparitions in Parishes * Be Warned *
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* Meaning infallible truths

Gamaliel, a teacher of the law, respected by all the people, stood up… and said to them, “…have nothing to do with these men, and let them go. For if this endeavor or this activity is of human origin, it will destroy itself. But if it comes from God, you will not be able to destroy them; you may even find yourselves fighting against God.” Acts 5:34-39