The following was originally released on July 9, 2014. It tells of  those, many in powerful positions, who are telling the children of the world, ordering them that they cannot go before their Queen Mother!  Sensus Fidelium--the highest form of infallibility.


Our Lady of Medjugorje said on July 2, 2014:

“Dear children, I, the mother of all of you gathered here and the mother of the entire world, am blessing you with a motherly blessing and call you to set out on the way of humility. That way leads to the coming to know the love of my Son. My Son is almighty, He is in everything. If you, my children, do not become cognizant of this, then darkness/blindness rule in your soul. Only humility can heal you. My children, I always lived humbly, courageously and in hope. I knew, I became cognizant that God is in us and we are in God. I am asking the same of you. I desire for all of you to be with me in eternity, because you are a part of me. I will help you on your way. My love will envelop you like a mantle and make of you apostles of my light – of God’s light. With the love that comes forth from humility you will bring light to where darkness/blindness rule. You will be bringing my Son who is the light of the world. I am always alongside your shepherds and I pray that they may always be an example of humility for you. Thank you.”


‘Sensus Fidelium’

The Sense of the Faithful

by A Friend of Medjugorje

The following is written in the spirit not taking for granted as if the Church has approved Medjugorje. The Church has not formally approved Medjugorje. Much of what you will read has never been stated before and comes through years of applying Our Lady’s messages into life which continually leads to new and fresh cognition of what Our Lady is revealing through Her messages. The following will be different for you if you proceed first with a short, deep prayer to the Holy Spirit to grasp in depth what is written and what is left purposely unwritten. 

Who is the “I”—the “I” that today (July 2, 2014), signifies, the want of people to gather at Her apparitions? This amazing statement of singularly recognizing those gathered in Medjugorje shows Our Lady is pleased with those coming to Her apparitions. This statement of Our Lady is given in the midst of an erroneous interpretation in the United States of a statement made by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, that the children of Mary cannot attend Her apparitions, conferences, meetings, or anything having to do with Medjugorje. The Woman of Revelation, the Queen at Guadalupe, the Immaculate Conception at Lourdes, the Prophetess at Fatima is coming now as the Mother of the entire world, at Medjugorje! There are those, many in powerful positions, who are telling the children of the world, ordering them that they cannot go before their Queen Mother! Woe is their fate. Lamentation is their inheritance. Grinding of their teeth, it will be, when the truth fully manifests of what they stymied, stopped or killed; a crucifixion of the plans and messages, after 33 years, of the Holiest Creature that exists, who has ever lived upon the earth, also among the creatures known as the angels who fly the heavens. It is a time when quite a few who rule in the church are in darkness and blindness because of a lack of humility. They are obstacles to Our Lady’s plans, naysayers, overly prudent, not recognizing Our Lady and therefore not recognizing who is the “I” of the entire world. It is clear, pristinely clear, “I” is saying “I call you here; I want you here—in ‘My’ presence.” “I” want you, the children, wherever “I” appear, wherever the Medjugorje visionaries gather, to testify to “My” presence. Our Lady does not want us to believe in Her daily appearances, in Her transfigured body Mt. Tabor experience, and at the same time act or pretend as though She is not appearing. In the Church-approved Saint-Etienne le Laus apparitions in France, 1664, when the priest and bishop tried to stop the people from going to Our Lady’s apparitions, Our Lady told Her visionary, Benoite Rencurel, to tell the Church shepherds:

“You who have been given power to call God down to the altar have been given no power over me.”

A second woe, lacking humility without a reflection on the questions: “What if directives about the apparitions of the Queen of Peace of Medjugorje based on a poorly written document allows naysayers to interpret wrongly that the children of the world cannot gather around their Mother? And secondly, what if souls are lost because of it?” After 2,000 years of experiences, history and persecution, a lack of humility that caused what happened back in the time of Christ still replays. With serious prayer, humility allows the recognition of truth; the lack thereof, disallows the recognition of truth. Humility is truth. Today, there are those who do not recognize the Mother of the World, so, now there is a false protection; a wall is placed between the children of the Mother, and their Mother, who is calling them to listen to Her, dispensing graces from the cross of 33 years of the life of the Medjugorje apparitions. This wall is preventing the little ones from receiving the grace to gather in recognition of Her. Two-thousand years and the words of the Word are still not recognized. A Third Woe.

It was a spring day in Medjugorje when Our Lady appeared in the likeness of what the three visionaries—Peter, James and John—saw when Jesus became transfigured on Mt. Tabor. It was 1985* when the Queen of Peace appeared in Her transfigured body and said “what” we are to think of Her words and in “what” context we are to classify Her words when viewing, especially, Church history. In what context of the world’s past, present and future are we to place Our Lady’s Medjugorje apparitions and Her words, as there is no precedence for what She is telling us? She gives the context Herself:

April 4, 1985 HOLY THURSDAY

“…I wish to keep on giving you messages as it has never been in history from the beginning of the world…”

With this astounding message, are we going to be timid in standing up for Our Lady’s messages while there are those in the church who want to restrict Our Lady’s apparitions and words? On Holy Thursday, Judas kissed Jesus, and now, after 33 years of apparitions, we have the same? The above words “never in history from the beginning of the world” were given on Holy Thursday. Our Lady’s words are prophetic. How is it they landed on a Holy Thursday, the evening of betrayal? Why is Our Lady having to say this? Because She was going to stop giving words from Heaven. In the same message just preceding the words, “never in history,” speaking as the Woman of Revelation, She states on that spring of new beginnings, Holy Thursday:

April 4, 1985 HOLY THURSDAY

“…Today is the day when I wished to stop giving the messages because some individuals did not accept me…”

On Holy Thursday, they silenced the Word. Two thousand years ago there were those who did not accept the Word and they attempted to silence Him by crushing Him and scattering His followers. The early, humble Christians accepted the Word, propagated It, and gathered at their prayer meetings at the risk of their own lives. Woe to the heart whose excessive prudence has not recognized the Word when it is delivered unlike any precedence in the world’s past, and specifically, in church history. What is Our Lady appearing for? Who are those whose directives, as written, have given the enemy of Our Lady’s apparitions the ability to falsely interpret and stop these “gatherings” that the “I” is calling for? Only those with humble hearts can understand why Our Lady is here and why She is coming, and prevent Her betrayal. Our Lady said:

January 25, 1991

“…Thank you that you will not betray my presence here…”

Even in Medjugorje, during the 33rd anniversary celebration, from the pulpit, it was beginning to be said “the alleged” apparitions, “the reported” apparitions. Do they believe or do they not believe? If one does not believe or is not sure, then say “alleged” or “reported,” but to profess belief in Our Lady’s apparitions, you cannot then say “reported” or “alleged”. You become an apostate, (one who abandons a religious belief), if you do. If it is justified as right by those who believe in the apparitions to say "alleged/reported" to satisfy those restricting/styieming Medjugorje, then Marija, Ivan and the other visionaries must also refer to their apparitions when speaking in Medjugorje or anywhere else, as “alleged or reported,” which would make them liars. So what of those of the pulpit saying “alleged” or “reported” if they believe? They contradict themselves, in hypocrisy. If they don’t believe and say “alleged,” what are they in Medjugorje for? Did the early Christians run around saying the “reported” Resurrection, the “alleged” Ascension, the “reported/alleged” descent of the Holy Spirit? Let your “yes” be “yes” and your “no” be “no.” This is selling out to save one’s status. If one reflects deeply, they would see through their blindness the selling of one’s soul. Father, forgive them for they know not what “damage” they do. We know there are numbers of people who go to Medjugorje and other Medjugorje events not being 100% sure if they believe in the apparitions, often accompanying a spouse, friend, parents, etc. What would they think if they heard it said from the pulpit in Medjugorje, or at a Medjugorje event or gathering, the “alleged/reported” apparitions? Would it make them stronger or weaker in their belief? You will never convict, or be Our Lady’s apostle, if you are not courageous as Our Lady defined Herself, today, (July 2, 2014), and say what you believe, rather than give a politically correct statement to stay out of trouble.

The words of Our Lady, as “never in history,” are not accepted in many hearts. Our Lady’s apparitions are to prepare the world for a time of peace and victory. But these same messages will be used both by foe and follower; the former against the messages, the latter for the messages. Her followers will find light and guidance within the messages—the Gospel of Mary—in the ultimate battle in which She, the Woman, shadowed not even by the greatest angel or saint, who stands in the fullness of the light of Her Son, will upon His glorious return crush the serpent’s head and cast him into the eternal flame forever.

He who chokes at the words, “Gospel of Mary” does not know Her. Jesus said you do not know Me because you do not know My Father. If you knew Him, you would know Me. Because you do not know Me, you do not know He who sent Me. If you do not accept Mary’s words, you do not accept Her Son’s Words. If you knew Her Son was the Word, you would recognize Her words and Her Son Who sent Her. “His” Mother said that She would give messages as it has never been in history from the beginning of the world. In the beginning was the Word and the Word became flesh.

For you who do not accept Her words, how then do you accept the Word? Mary’s Gospel, the echo of the Word, given in a new way, a new understanding, is immense in that its effect will affect all creation until the final battle in which the serpent’s head will be crushed, never to rise again. Whether the final battle be ten years or one thousand years from now, we are being given a gift, a grace, incomprehensible in this moment, that will give passage to many future Christians to survive amidst the great tribulation, the suffering under the anti-christ, until Jesus, in the glorious moment, comes back.

As men confined in mortal bodies, limited in so much humanness, we are not able to see Mary as God sees Her. We can pray to comprehend, to rise above the confines of the flesh in better knowing Mary, but we will never know and understand Mary as She is known by God. She, who is in the midst of the Trinity, came on the second day of the newborn millennium and said:

January 2, 2000

“Never as much as today, my heart is begging for your help! I, your Mother, am begging my children that they help me to realize what the Father has sent me for…”

Shudder, O man, that She Who alone can dwell deep in the midst of the Trinity where no being can dare go, not even the angels, She is now before you begging! How man have you responded to Her words? By rejecting Her? By stymieing Her? Free Our Lady, the One who brings the answers for the problems of the world. Yet, those who should be the very ones embracing Our Lady are not accepting Her. There is no time to waste; the balance of the world is heavily tilting towards darkness. Over-cautiousness and prudence rule. Darkness and blindness invade the hearts of those who should see but do not. How severe will be the penitential cost? Our Lady said:

August 25, 2013

“…I do not desire for you, dear children, to have to repent for everything that you could have done but did not want to…”

Woe to those ministers of God who stand in Our Lady’s way blocking Her children from hearing Her call. Guadalupe, Lourdes, and Fatima are giving way to the fulfillment of all Marian apparitions— Medjugorje—the last—because after Medjugorje the Virgin Mary’s apparitions will be in completeness and there will no longer be a need for apparitions where visionaries can see Her, talk to Her, and touch Her. This is the climax of all Marian apparitions in the history of the world and many alive will miss it, sadly, because mortals have mandated that men, Her children, be isolated from Her. Woe to the shepherds not having enough love to recognize and grasp, in this present moment, a “seize the moment” that will break the chains of satan upon the world by giving freedom to that which Heaven is bestowing upon the world. To ignore Our Lady, to be apathetic to Her messages, is dangerous to your future. Not recognizing what gift God is giving, by not accepting Our Lady’s messages, is to make one’s self not be accepted, for Our Lady comes in the name of God. Our Lady says:

March 18, 1996

“…Do not reject from yourself the name of God, that you may not be rejected. Accept my messages that you may be accepted…”

Generally, prudence has served the Church positively in the past centuries. But as applied now, is oppressive to Our Lady’s plans and damaging to the salvation of souls; not just a few, but millions of souls because our time is short. It is Our Lady who said:

November 2, 2006

“… God is sending me to warn you and to show you the right way. Do not shut your eyes before the truth, my children. Your time is a short time. Do not permit delusions to begin to rule over you. The way on which I desire to lead you is the way of peace and love…Give me your hearts that I may put my Son in them and make my apostles of you…”

As the world fills with hatred, woe will it be for those who do not accept this grace through Our Lady, and allow it to flow out to the world.

February 25, 1995

“…little children, I invite you to live with love the messages I give and to transmit them to the whole world, so that a river of love flows to people who are full of hatred and without peace…”

Do you stand in Our Lady’s way? Is yours true courage, as Our Lady said of Herself today:

July 2, 2014

“…I always lived humbly, courageously…”

We cannot be afraid of our peers and hide our feelings in a group mentality, not wanting to contradict other ministers of the Word. A bishop is the pope of his diocese. He does not have to go along when he has recognized the truth but can act on it singularly, despite what the whole may think. Christians are starving for God’s truth and God is sending His food of the Word through the Queen Mother of the world. Today is July 2, 2014. The Mass reading, worldwide, on this same day the message also went worldwide is not a coincidence.**

“I hate, I spurn your feasts, says the LORD, I take no pleasure in your solemnities; Your cereal offerings I will not accept, nor consider your stall-fed peace offerings. Away with your noisy songs! I will not listen to the melodies of your harps.”

Our Lady said on June 25, 1991, the 10th anniversary of Her apparitions:

“…There are many people who do not desire to understand my messages and to accept with seriousness what I am saying…”

How is it that such a momentous event, of daily apparitions, goes unnoticed, forgotten, ignored or rejected by those who should be the very first ones to recognize that Her Words are those of Her Son? Our Lady has come for today’s man, revealing the Bible in a way that he can grasp so that the world can be saved, and She is being stymied and even stopped in many aspects. Our Lady says:

December 25, 1996

“…Little children, joyfully live the messages of the Gospel, which I am repeating in the time since I am with you…”

Her “messages of the Gospel,” the Gospel explained by Mary; “And He went home with them and grew in wisdom” tells us much. Did not Mary speak to the child Jesus about Scripture? How many are there of those who lead, who are so blind and lack at least enough humility to reflect that, “This may be from God. I won’t get in the way; rather let it play out, as Gamaliel advised in the Scriptures to those opposing the Christ and His followers.” We can respect the Church, be obedient, but we cannot both believe in the apparitions and listen to what Our Lady is telling us to do, and at the same time pretend they have not enough credibility for us to follow what She is instructing us to accept; a specific call to be real apostles and to sacrifice one’s life for the salvation of the world. (February 25, 1988) It is a matter of conscience which cannot be violated that we “gather” as Our Lady told us today. As professed believers, Our Lady has called us to be apostles for Her great plan for the salvation of the world. We are to believe and hope. On June 25, 2007, Our Lady expresses what God desires for the world.

June 25, 2007

“…Little children, do not forget that you are all important in this great plan, which God leads through Medjugorje. God desires to convert the entire world and to call it to salvation and to the way towards Himself…”

We have left careers, giving up our employment; reconfigured our lives, giving up our businesses; walked away from the way we live, changed friends-- radically changed the direction of our lives.  With one letter through the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, written in a way that has lent itself to be erroneously interpreted, that is devastating to the way of life we’ve given our lives for, a life of holiness that after 33 years no one can find solid fault with, and we are just going to say okay? Are we to believe and not believe? Is what's in a mother’s womb just a mass of tissue before birth, so that it can be aborted as it is not a real, viable baby, but is a baby after birth? Are the Medjugorje apparitions not happening until the Church says they are real? Bishop Emilio L. Bataclan from the Philippines, on December 1, 1999, during a visit to Medjugorje said:

“I have no difficulties believing that Our Lady is here because, above all, the ‘sensus fidelium’ (sense of the faithful) says that Mary is here, and also my priestly and pastoral experience through a full 25 years, and now also that of being a bishop helps recognize the special signs that Mary is present here and that She is caring for Her children. I would like to say to everyone: ‘Mary is the Mother who loves and truly has to come to this world. She comes and says what we have to do, because She cares for us.’ I hope that the world will open its heart and soul to this good Mother.

We cannot do both—believe and not believe—stating privately, “Our Lady’s apparitions,” but publicly stating “alleged apparitions,” without being apostates. The Church’s jurisdiction to exercise powers to stop “gatherings” at Medjugorje conferences, etc., cannot be accepted without first granting herself these powers through a condemnation. Medjugorje is not condemned. The Church allows devotion of private revelation. If the people were not allowed to have devotion, what would there be to judge as worthy or not worthy to believe, to condemn or not to condemn? God gave us religious freedom through Christ, the Church and the New Testament. Pope Francis said on June 20, 2014:

“Religious freedom is not simply freedom of thought or private worship. It is the freedom to live according to ethical principles, both privately and publicly, consequent to the truth one has found.”

If this applies to civil government, it must apply to the Church a hundred times the more “consequent to the truth one has found.” We have lost the sense of truth. Our Lady has come to correct this. The Virgin Mary is sent to the world in a biblical nature, in this our time, this moment in time as the Woman of Revelation, chapter 12, for Her triumph. Our Lady tells us we cannot be without our shepherds and that they are to be alongside of Her in Her triumph. Our Lady has repeatedly told us to pray for our shepherds.

March 18, 2009

“…Do not forget your shepherds. Pray that they may not get lost, that they may remain in my Son so as to be good shepherds to their flock."



These are my words and given as a matter of a formed conscience, in obedience to Church teachings. I know I am a sinner, redeemed by Christ and saved by Mary. I go on record publicly that I believe in the one, true, holy, apostolic Roman Catholic Church and that Our Lady is granting, through God’s grace, tens of millions of miraculous conversions that cannot be denied without denying Our Lady’s presence. I cannot deny, “consequent of the truth,” the Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s apparitions; She being the very first Christian, I am to follow Her in a new way of life as She instructs. I cannot deny this even at the cost of my own life, my family, our community or the mission of Caritas. I cannot, therefore, violate my conscience to gather around the Queen, whose peace She brought the world in order to save it through raising up apostles of the latter days. I am part of Our Lady, one of Her extended hands, and cannot be in duplicity both believing and not believing. I am to gather around Her. I am to do as She wishes of me, as are all others across the world who wish to follow Her, who accept Her as Our Lady, Queen of Peace, of Medjugorje. To wait is to be too late. Woe to the deepest measure is the fate that awaits the one who waits.


Few will understand the following remaining written words of this writing; maybe no one will understand them. But, with prayer, with wisdom, one will perhaps grasp them with a glimmer of understanding. Medjugorje is where Medjugorje is supposed to be; neither approved, nor disapproved. This is God’s will. A verdict either way will be harmful to Heaven’s plans through Medjugorje being fulfilled. God uses the adversity between these two directions, approved/not approved, to keep Medjugorje in the middle. FREE. Our Lady is to be unencumbered in all Her actions to call the entire world to conversion. And lastly, She is to have the freedom to release the three secrets.  This prophetic evidence that will prove the apparitions, which, at the time of unfolding, approval will not be necessary as the whole world will be confronted with a reality of Her apparitions and messages.  Yet, it will cause a great division and separation between those who love God and those who will reject Him. Our Lady has come to bring about a decisive decision within each man; a decision to either believe in or reject Our Lady, Her call and He who sent Her.


With Love, A part of Our Lady,,
A Friend of Medjugorje

Questions? Call in the US, 205-672-2000

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*A little more than a year later, Our Lady gathered thousands upon Cross Mountain and said during Her apparition: “You are on a Tabor.”
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Gamaliel, a teacher of the law, respected by all the people, stood up… and said to them, “…have nothing to do with these men, and let them go. For if this endeavor or this activity is of human origin, it will destroy itself. But if it comes from God, you will not be able to destroy them; you may even find yourselves fighting against God.” Acts 5:34-39